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CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulation analysis

데The actual situation of a data center is modeled, and air circulation and temperature change are expected. By simulating the data center, issues in various environments and conditions in architectural structures, AHU, power for each rack, and equipment types, etc. can be identified, and optimum measures can be drawn up and taken. World-renowned enterprises such as Google, Facebook, Dell, Cisco, etc., which operate data centers and run their business, also conduct analyses to verify, execute, and review basic concept designs, and they can estimate the accuracy and energy efficiency (PUE).

  • Simulation of temperature distribution in the data center
  • Simulation of air flow in the data center
  • Expectation of areas where hot spots and recirculation may occur
  • Prior verification of expected arrangement plan
  • Improvement of trouble scenarios and overlap
  • Optimum use of available spaces
  • Verification of efficiency prior to capital investment supported
  • Improvement of overall equipment efficiency by simulating various set values and loads

3D structure analysis modeling and simulation analysis

It is possible to confirm and review performance through 3D structure analysis modeling and simulation for 2D structure before the actual manufacture, installation, and construction and to correct and improve design models based on the result of confirmation/review. Especially, since it is possible to confirm whether shapes, materials, and various complex conditions are available without any problem in actual situations, the costs of manufacture, installation, and construction may be significantly reduced.

Modeling method
  • Conversion of modeling from 2D structure to 3D structure
  • Structural analysis including shapes and materials, etc.
  • Simulation of wind routes and heat depending on the structures
  • Shortened construction period
  • Cost saving
  • Quality improvement
  • Efficient design

Automatic control

Supported with the smart all-in-one integrated control/monitoring technology to control AHU and each part at the center and to monitor the operation and status of such parts

Independent control system
  • Implementation of independent AHU control system
  • Convenient connection (connection of central monitoring panel communication line)
  • Automatic control cost saving
Integrated data monitoring
  • Integrated data monitoring
  • Supports additional monitoring of lifetime, errors, vibrations, temperature, etc. in addition to general monitoring
  • Optimum control of humidifier and reduction of water consumption
  • Monitoring of power consumption and cool/hot water calories
  • Supports confirmation of data anywhere through Internet connection
  • Can support PC and cell phones
  • Supports configuration of screen to meet users’ requirements with a screen configuration platform
  • Supports correction of remote programs