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Project Spec Year
the Air Force Academy 7.5RT 2020
Samsung Electronics' Quality Test Room for Raw Materials of Household Appliances 25RT 2020
Samsung Electronics' Pyeongtaek 45,360KCAL/H 2020
Incheon International Airport Freight Terminal E 5RT 2020
Legoland theme park 15RT 2020
Acro Seoul Forest 7.5RT 2020
Site of Yonsei Middle Particle Cancer Treatment Center 10RT 2020
Computer room of the National Fusion Research Institute 30RT 2020
Haeundae Housing & Commercial Complex 3RT 2020
Samsung Electronics Research Complex V-Dong 75,594KCAL/KR 2020
Chonnam National University Department of Physics 10RT 2020
Daelim Acro Forest 7.5RT 2020
Samsung Electronics Giheung Semiconductor Dormitory 2RT 2020
SK Hynix Icheon M16 39,600CMH 2020
Korea Institute of Industrial Technology 6RT 2020
Wonju Enterprise City 5RT 2020
Hyundai Transys unechoic chamber 5RT 2019
Yun Dong-gi Memorial Hall of Yonsei University 5RT 2019
Gasan Metro Knowledge Industry Center 31,500CMH 외 2019
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Computer room 13,200CMH 외 2019
Yonsei Medical Center Sinchon Severance 15RT 2019
Jeju Dream Tower 315CMM 2019
National Food Cluster Support Center 15RT 2019
Samsung SEM Vietnam 4,020CMH 2019
Genexin Pangyo Animal Laboratory 20RT 2019
Aramnuri Reservoir 10RT 2019
KAIST 2RT 2019
Busan Samsung SEM 5,400CMH 2019
Office Building of Samsung Electronics in Hwaseong 24,000CMH 2019
Gil Hospital 30RT 2019
Sinchon Yonsei Medical Center Children's Hospital 20RT 2019
Seosomun Historical and Cultural Park 7.5RT 2019
SK hynix 32,400CMH 2018
Seoul Semiconductor Operating Laboratory 8,100kcal/h 2018
Samsung Electronics Giheung 7.5RT 2018
Samsung Electronics Suwon R3 20RT 2018
LG Innotek Vietnam 2nd Factory 12,000CMH 2018
Samsung Electronics S-printing CS Factory 25RT 2018
Hillstate Xi 5RT 2018
Lotte Castle Gunja 3RT 2018
Yongin Hansup City 7.5RT 2018
KAIST 5RT 2018
Yonsei University Academic Information Center 15RT 2018
Asan Korea University 3RT 2018
Chonnam National University Department of Physics 10RT 2018
Seoul National University Nanoparticle Research Group 6RT 2018
Hanyang University Industry-Academic Cooperation Center 20RT 2018
Samsung SEM Busan 20RT 2017
Haudongcheon 10RT 2017
Kyungshin R&D Center 40,500KCAL/HR 2017
U.N. Peace Hall of Eumseong County Office 5RT 2017
Gwangju Veterans Hospital Sound Pressure Accounting Room 9RT 2017
Masan Medical Center 10RT 2017
Busan Paik Hospital 6RT 2017
Bundang Tax Office 7.5RT 2017
Yonsei University Science Museum 20,250KCAL/HR 2017
Daegu Yongyeon Temple Reservoir 3RT 2017
Samsung ENG Vietnam 35,500KCAL/H 2016
Arne Korea 1st Factory 10RT 2016
Samsung Electronics Thailand 20RT 2016
Irwon-dong Samsung Life Insurance 45,300CMH 2016
Magok S-OIL TS&D Center 54,300CMH 2016
Yeouido Business Facilities 20RT 2016
Cheongju Techno S Tower 3RT 2016
Sajik-dong Apartment in Busan 3RT 2016
Double track railway the South East Sea 15RT 2016
Haeundae Paik Hospital 6RT 2016
Bundang Cha Hospital 20RT 2016
Korea Environment Corporation 20RT 2016
Hanyang University Seoul Campus 20RT 2016
Gangneung-Wonju National University 6RT 2016
Muju Taekwondo Museum 5RT 2016
Home & Shopping 10RT 2016
Samsung SDI 30RT 2015
Samsung Electronics 10RT 2015
Samsung Corning Precision Materials 15RT 2015
Pangyo Techwin R&D Center 20RT 2015
RFHIC Pyungchon 10RT 2015
Songdo Internationalization Complex M1 3RT 2015
the asian culture complex 7.5RT 2015
Gil Hospital Cancer Center 20,500kcal/h 2015
Hanvit Nuclear Power Headquarters 10RT 2015
Chungnam National University Center for Biological Convergence Research 8RT 2015
Bank of Korea Museum 6RT 2015
Digital Empire Toshiba Samsung Storage Technology 7.5RT 2014
Kim Yoo-jung Literary Village 2RT 2014
Seoul Children's Hospital 2RT 2014
Naju Korea Electric Power Corporation 3RT 2014
Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education 7.5RT 2014
Sejong City Government Complex 15RT 2014
Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science 7.5RT 2014
Seongbo Museum of Bulguksa Temple 6RT 2014
Dohwa-dong Business Hotel 15RT 2014
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art 3RT 2013
Pangyo Children's Library 5RT 2013
Seoul City Eunpyeong Hospital 2RT 2013
Chungcheongnam-do Office 7RT 2013
KEPCO KPS Office Building 20HP 2013
Daejeon Museum of History 4RT 2013
국Buyeo National Museum 7.5RT 2013
Samsung Electronics Seocheon Training Institute 5RT 2013
YTN Media Center 20RT 2013
Wonju Indoor Stadium 10RT 2012
National Endangered Species Restoration Center 4RT 2012
Supreme Prosecutors' Office 10RT 2012
Samsung Electronics Hwaseong 7.5RT 외 2011
Seoul National University Bundang Hospital 5RT 2011
Korea Gas Corporation Incheon Branch 45RT 2011
National Folk Museum of Korea 15RT 외 2011
Gangneung Sandpine Resort 5RT 2011
Samsung TESCO Training Center 3RT 2011
Jisan Forest Resort 7.5RT 2010
National Library of Korea 15RT 외 2009
yongdong severance hospital 20R/T 2007