Industry Leading Company

Samhwa ACE is an AHU company that will be around for 100 years
Samhwa ACE tries to ensure customers’ credibility and happiness

Samhwa ACE has the spirit to provide service for the next 100 years

Samhwa ACE was established as Samhwa Engineering in 1984 based on the management ideology of human respect and technical superiority; after its conversion into Samhwa ACE Corporation, it has been continuing its growth.

Samhwa ACE has been leading the growth of the domestic AHU industry through R&D of energy-saving ACU products based on professionalism and technical expertise in AHU, contributing to industrial development by developing various ACU products for semiconductor production equipment and research institutes in the advanced industrial area, medical facilities, data centers, clean rooms, etc.

Samhwa ACE also established and implemented mid-/long-term development plans to provide a richer, more convenient future in continuously changing times, and it is growing as a first-class company in the air-conditioning industrial area through customer satisfaction and quality innovation based on the best quality, technology, and credit.


  • Company
    Samhwa ACE
  • Business Area
    AHU, PAC, Clean Room, Chilled Beam, Etc
  • CEO
    Kim Hak Kun
  • Employees
    231 people
  • Capital
    1 Billion
  • Established
    1, November, 1984



Samhwa ACE is short for SAMHWA Air-Conditioning Engineering and is based on the three management principles of Think more deeply (Think More), seek better values (Think Better), and seek new values (Think Differently). The CI design symbolizes the internal capability of the company such as integrity, stability, and scalability and the image of a professional, advanced, and dynamic air-conditioning industrial company as a refined word mark.

R00 G87 B16
C96 M52 Y01 K00


In the CI of SAMHWA ACE, the blue color expresses the ideology of a young, progressive, and transparent company



The company will continuously realize customer satisfaction by emphasizing the quality of products and strengthening A/S under the slogan “Quality for Life” as the core value; the slogan carries the will to create excellent products and services with new mindset and thinking at all times and to continue challenges and execution for a better future