Industry Leading Company

Samhwa ACE is an AHU company that will be around for 100 years
Prepared flames fanned by Samhwa ACE


The right person for Samhwa ACE is one who works for customer
satisfaction, strong competitiveness of the company, and
accomplishment of core value

Speedy leap forward with self-confidence based on credibility

You may be the right person for Samhwa ACE.


Upgrade and promotion are determined for the person who satisfied the designated criteria through rational and diverse evaluations of work performance, education & training performance, number of years in service, career, age, and other qualities of the subject.


Samhwa ACE actively supports employees based on the belief that the growth of Samhwa ACE personnel is the growth of Samhwa ACE. Samhwa ACE employs newcomers through regular public recruitment and employs professional manpower and experienced persons from time to time depending on the demand. Notification of special employment and public recruitment is posted in the employment site.


Samhwa ACE personnel will be cultivated with systemic educational system and
welfare in order to satisfy customers and strengthen the company’s competitiveness


We operate a salary system based on performance.
Management performance paid through performance evaluation and competency evaluation

  • insurance policies

    the four major insurance policies

  • Vacation

    Annual Leave, Summer Vacation

  • group insurance

    Support for diagnosis and treatment of occupational injury

  • founding celebration

    Foundation souvenir payment

  • Excellence employee award

    Annual reward for
    outstanding employees

  • Support for congratulations and condolences
  • Resting Facilities Support
  • Workshop

    Workshop Support

  • Business support
  • Education support
  • Selective benefit system