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Project Spec Year
Samsung Display QD DisplayY Factory 18,000CMH 2020
Bank of Korea Annex 75,500CMH 2020
CJ ENM Paju Content World 43,000CMH 2020
National Cancer Center Research Laboratory 69,000CMH 2020
Seoul Western District Court 34,500CMH 2020
the Secretariat of the National Assembly 91,200CMH 2020
Sejong City Complex Facilities Construction 29,400CMH 2020
Korea Water Resources Corporation 51,660CMH 2020
Foot-and-mouth disease diagnosis BL3 laboratory 22,950CMH 2020
Korea Water Resources Corporation 54,000CMH 2020
Sinchon Severance Hospital 34,100CMH 2020
Gwangju Veterans Hospital Rehabilitation Center 30,000CMH 2020
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Cell Therapy GMP Manufacturing Plant 22,100CMH 2020
Incheon Subway Line 1 Station 116,500CMH 2020
Daegu Center New Construction 28,900CMH 2020
Pangyo Alpha Dome Complex 76,200CMH 2020
Suwon Family Court 26,690CMH 2020
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek Factory 45,000CMH 2020
ChongKunDang Bio Osong GMP Factory 38,280CMH 2020
Pangyo Ice Square C1 Block Complex 37,500CMH 2020
Samsung Electronics China Xian Factory 45,300CMH 2020
Samil Building Remodeling 5,000CMH 2020
Konyang University New Hospital 47,740CMH 2019
Gasan Metro Knowledge Industry Center 10,600CMH 2019
Mapo office building of the Korea Credit Guarantee Funds 20,500CMH 2019
Acro Seoul Forest Office 42,000CMH 2019
Aprogen Osong 66,600CMH 2019
Samsung Bioepis R&D Center 59,660CMH 2019
Samsung BioLogics 2nd Factory 55,000CMH 2019
SK Hynix Cheongju NAND Development and Evaluation Center 36,000CMH 2019
Microbial Demonstration Support Center 30,800CMH 2019
LG U+ Pyeongchon Mega Center 52,000CMH 2019
Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Ansan 14,400CMH 2019
Simultaneous electronics Hwaseong 60,000CMH 2019
Ottogi Central Laboratory 31,500CMH 2019
Jeju Dream Tower 59,900CMH 2019
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek 74,880CMH 2019
JTBC Sangam Central Media Network 35,000CMH 2019
Ikea Giheung 60,700CMH 2019
Hyundai Motor Company Namyang Research Institute 55,500CMH 2019
KB Kookmin Bank 42,000CMH 2019
Cheongju of SK Hynix 24,000CMH 2018
Samsung SEM Busan 95,000CMH 2018
Microfriend Asan 20,000CMH 2018
Samsung ENG Vietnam Factory 120,000CMH 2018
BC World Healthcare Wonju 42,000CMH 2018
Polus cGMP Factory 94,200CMH 2018
Magok FITI Testing Laboratory 29,000CMH 2018
Geumcheon Lotte Castle Gold Park 23,100CMH 2018
Yeouido Park1 89,400CMH 2018
Suwon Convention Center 52,500CMH 외 2018
Gimpo Urban Railway Complex 3 and 5 line 66,100CMH 2018
Iksan Sports Complex 33,000CMH 2018
Siheung National Sports Center 40,000CMH 2018
Gyeongbuk Library 10,000CMH 2018
Yongin Hansup City 28,700CMH 2018
Yeongdong Gymnasium 13,200CMH 2018
Chungbuk National University Hospital 13,300CMH 2018
Gyeongsangbuk-do Rehabilitation Hospital 23,500CMH 2018
Bundang Cha Hospital 31,500CMH 2018
Suwon Prosecutors' Office 46,955CMH 2018
Korea Electric Power Corporation's Shinjecheon Power Station 19,800CMH 2018
Korea Airports Corporation 37,200CMH 2018
Presidential Security Service of Hyoja-dong 13,600CMH 2018
Energy Valley Business Development Institute 23,600CMH 2018
Jeonju District Prosecutor's Office 29,800CMH 2018
Supreme Court Judicial History and Culture Education Center 14,400CMH 2018
Gimpo Airport Air Training Center 66,100CMH 2018
World Museum of Confucian Prehistory and Cultural Park 56,900CMH 2018
JTBC Ilsan Production Center 45,7000CMH 2018
Samsung Display Asan 20,000CMH 2017
Samsung Electronics Godeok 20,000CMH 2017
Samsung Electronics Pyeongtaek 20,000CMH 2017
ABA BioLogics Osong 60,000CMH 2017
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Osong cGMP Factory 69,075CMH 2017
Medytox Gwanggyo 29,900CMH 2017
KyungShin Songdo R&D Center 45,400CMH 2017
Hyundai Motor Company Namyang Research Institute 23,000CMH 2017
Sejong Complex Development 58,900CMH 2017
Jongno The K Insurance 33,000CMH 2017
Gumi G7 Square 17,600CMH 2017
Gangnam N TOWER 45,600CMH 2017
Urban Environmental Improvement in Gongpyeong-dong District 1, 2 and 4 District 53,000CMH 2017
Namdaemun Haesung Industrial Complex 38,300CMH 2017
Amore Pacific Yongsan 16,000CMH 2017
Seocho Sports Complex 36,000CMH 2017
Jeju Stone Culture Park 48,100CMH 2017
Hallucination Room of the Nakdong River Victory Hall 22,000CMH 2017
Seosomun Historical and Cultural Park Memorial Space 400CMH 2017
the National Assembly Library 16,000CMH 2017
Gangnam Severance Hospital 65,000CMH 2017
Eunpyeong St. Mary's Hospital 59,060CMH 2017
Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital 42,400CMH 2017
KEPCO KPS Nuclear Power Plant General Service Center 820CMH 2017
Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office's Special Archives 8,900CMH 2017
Suwon Court Building 44,430CMH 2017
the main building and library of the National Assembly 18,500CMH 2017
Korea Water Resources Corporation National Drought Information Analysis Center 17,600CMH 2017
Gimpo Airport 27,6000CMH 2017
Seoul National University of Education 43,700CMH 2017
KAIST Academic and Cultural Creation Hall 33,000CMH 2017
National Folklore Museum 280CMM 2017
Jeju Myth Theme Park 20,800CMH 2017
Medytoxong 3rd Factory 68,000CMH 2016
Samsung BioLogics 1st Factory 10,700CMH 2016
MyungMoon Pharm 52,400CMH 2016
Samsung BioLogics 2nd Factory 16,500CMH 2016
Geonil Pharmaceutical Cheonan 44,000CMH 2016
Samsung BioLogics 3rd Factory 78,900CMH 2016
Handok Factory 16,150CMH 2016
Jinyang Pharmaceutical Wonju 21,920CMH 2016
Haudongcheon GMP Facility 10,160CMH 2016
Magok Kolon Institute for Future Technology 120,000CMH 2016
Yeongdeungpo Munrae-dong Office 24,000CMH 2016
e-life Cannel City 62,200CMH 2016
Magok S-OIL TS&D Center 54,300CMH 2016
Jamsil Station Bus Transfer Parking Lot 50,000CMH 2016
Incheon Metropolitan Medical Center 25,250CMH 2016
Korea Atomic Energy Hospital 36,000CMH 2016
Gyeongbuk Provincial Police Agency office 24,000CMH 2016
Gwangju Air Force 1st Fighter Wing Maintenance Workshop 20RT 2016
Korea Teachers' Credit Center 175,100CMH 2016
Hongneung Global Creative Knowledge Science and Culture Park 300CMH 2016
Korea Institute of Chemical Research 28,600CMH 2016
Daejeon District Prosecutors' Office Cheonan Branch 31,700CMH 2016
Korea Internet & Security Agency building 18,000CMH 2016
Yonsei University 1st Engineering Center 17,600CMH 2016
Busan Paradise Hotel Casino 37,000CMH 2016
Shilla Hotel 24,840CMH 2016
Samsung Human Resources Development Institute Yeongdeok Training Institute 36,000CMH 2016
Home & Shopping 45,600CMH 2016
HD Drama Town 51,500CMH 2016
Samsung Electrics DSR Tower C 20,000CMH 2015
Samsung Electronics Hwaseong 20,000CMH 2015
Seoul Semiconductor Ansan 2nd Factory 20,000CMH 2015
Hanwha Chemical Yeosu CVD 20,000CMH 2015
Hankook Tire Center Research Institute 71,700CMH 2015
Dongjak-gu Sports Center 20,000CMH 2015
Seoul National Hospital 38,000CMH 2015
Mine Reclamation Corp 19,500CMH 2015
Animal and Plant Quarantine Agency 49,921CMH 2015
KAI 57,100CMH 2015
Hongik University Dormitory 25,300CMH 2015
Nine Tree Hotel Myeong-dong 25,200CMH 2015
Seoul Royal Hotel 15,400CMH 2015
Lotte World Tower Signiel Hotel 54,400CMH 2015
National Assembly Training Institute 60,120CMH 2015
Daewoong Pharmaceutical Training Institute 28,000CMH 2015
National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gyeongju 26,200CMH 2015
Hyundai Marine Gonjiam Training Institute 37,700CMH 2015
Industrial Bank of Korea Giheung Training Institute 17,000CMH 2015
Customs Border Control Training Institute 57,000CMH 2015
Samsung Electronics Giheung 20,000CMH 2014
Pacific Pharmaceutical Anseong 30,180CMH 2014
Samsung Electronics China 60,000CMH 2014
Pangyo Industrial-Academic Research R&D Center 36,000CMH 2014
Incheon Subway 56.00 CMH 2014
Seoul National University Hospital Center for Advanced Treatment and Development Center 39,800CMH 2014
Korea Gas Safety Corporation Incheon Regional Headquarters 34,000CMH 2014
presidential security office of The Blue House 200CMM 2014
Jeju Public Officials Pension Service 25,000CMH 2014
Presidential Archives 33,000CMH 2014
Sejong City Office of Education 26,200CMH 2014
Korea National Institute of International Education 18,100CMH 2014
Daejeon Museum of History 8,000CMH 2014
Gwangju National Museum 20,000CMH 2014
Samcheok Resort 48,500CMH 2014
Daemyung Resort Seorak Delphino 34,020CMH 2014
NEST Hotel 41,800CMH 2014
Samsung Electronics Hwaseong 20,000CMH 외 2013
Dong-A Pharmaceutical Songdo 24,700CMH 2013
Samsung Electronics Materials Research Institute 52,700CMH 2013
Samsung Electronics China Soju Factory 1200CMM 2013
Samsung Electronics Vietnam Factory 850CMM 2013
Shinbundang Line Comprehensive Management center 34,800 CMH 2013
Gyeongbuk Library 10,000CMH 2013
National Library of Korea Document Preservation 29,450CMH 2013
Dankook University Hospital 65,000CMH 2013
KEPCO KPS Office Building 58,000CMH 2013
Korea National Oil Corporation Office 62,100CMH 2013
Korea Expressway Corporation Office 27,300CMH 외 2013
Korea Rural Community Corporation 22,800CMH 외 2013
Rural Development Administration 33,000CMH 외 2013
National IT Industry Promotion Agency 34,000CMH 2013
Samsung High School 51,400CMH 외 2013
Buyeo National Museum 37,026CMH 외 2013
Samsung Electronics Seocheon Training Institute 65,000CMH 외 2013
National Health Insurance Corporation Training Institute 20,000CMH 외 2013
Korea Creative Content Agency 20,700 CMH 외 2013
YTN Media Center 63,000CMH 외 2013
Advanced Medical Industry Promotion Foundation 29,800CMH 외 2012
BMC Farm Pyeongtaek GMP Factory 54,000CMH 외 2012
Celltrion Ochang Factory 4,500CMH 외 2012
National Sejong Library 63,000CMH 외 2012
National Science Museum of Korea Children's Science Experience Center 40,000CMH 2012
National Hangeul Museum 33,700CMH 외 2012
JW Marriott Hotel 45,000CMH 외 2012
Korea Customs and Border Management Training Institute 27,000CMH 외 2012
Agricultural and Fisheries Food Training Institute 23,700CMH 2012
Digital Broadcasting Korea Content Support Center 74,200CMH 외 2012
Hanyang University library 22,020CMH 외 2011
Busan Lotte Hotel 16,660CMH 외 2011
Small Business Training Institute 30,400CMH 2011
704 Seoul Subway Station 49.900 CMH 2010
Sungkyunkwan University 39,800CMH 2010
Vivaldi Park 15,000CMH 2010
KBS Jeonju Broadcasting Station 67,600CMH 2010
Jeongok Prehistoric Museum 3,500CMH 2009
Chadwick International School 64,800CMM 2007